The User has the right to withdraw from the contract without stating a reason, without paying compensation or penalty within 14 days from the acceptance date of the goods by the User or a third party on behalf of the User. In order to use his right under this clause, the User must unambiguously notify “thescents.eu” of his law decision to withdraw from the contract, individualizing the goods he/she wishes to return, by providing all details of the order and delivery, including but not limited to: content and value of the order, data of the person, who made the order, data of the person, who accepted the delivery, and date of the delivery.


“Thescents.eu” publishes on its website a form for exercising the right to withdraw from the contract. To use the right of withdrawal “thescents.eu” provides the User with the option to fill in and send electronically via the website the standart withdrawal form or other unambiguous applicataion. In these cases, “thescents.eu” immediately sends the User a confirmation of the receipt of his/her refusal on a durable medium

 - For guests

 - For registered users

 - Paper return form

In accordance with the provisions of Article 55 of the Consumer Protection Law (CPL), the consumer is obliged to store the received goods, their quality and safety until the moment of their return to “thescents.eu” as received. The User is obliged to return the goods at his/her own expense, together with the receipt and invoice, handing them over to “thescents.eu” or to a person, authorized by “thescents.eu” within 14 days from the date on which the User has used his right to withdraw from the contract. Upon return, the goods must be in their original packaging, without traces of use or distortion of trade (e.g. torn packaging, cellulose, removed labels, missing parts, etc.) and must be accompanied by all accompanying documents – receipt and/or invoice, warrant card, instructions for use etc. When returning the goods, the User is obliged to return all gifts that he/she has received with the ordered goods, in case they are sent by “thescents.eu”. Complains for damaged deliveries are made at the time of receiving the shipment, and in the presence of the courier, as noted by a note in the bill of lading and a completed statement of findings in two copies. The Statement of Findings is mandatory for the validity of the damages and deficiencies covered by the insurance. The customer, or the recipient of the shipment, is obliged to request a copy of the protocol, and then attach the copy when filling out a request for return. “Thescents.eu”has the right at its sole discretion to postpone the refund until the goods are returned or until proof is provided that the goods have been sent back, depending in which of the two events occurs earlier.

In case the User does not fulfil his obligations to return the goods within the above period, without notifying “thescents.eu” for any delay and without providing a valid reason for the same, it is considered that he has withdrawn his statement of exercise of withdrawal from the contract.
When in connection with the execution of the contract “thescents.eu” has incurred costs and the User withdraws from the contract, “thescents.eu” has the right to withhold the relevant amount for the costs incurred or to demand their payment.

The consumer has no right to withdraw from the contract in case the subject of the same are:

 - For delivery of goods, made to order of the consumer or according to his individual requirements

 - For delivery of sealed goods, which are unsealed and/or tested after their delivery and cannot be returned due to considerations related to hygiene or health protection, “thescents.eu” refunds to the User the price, paid by him for the returned goods. The transport costs     for returning the goods from the Customer to “thescents.eu” are at the expense of the User.

When the goods received by the User do not comply with the characteristics, specified in the page of the online storte, are not used by the User in any way and have not damaged external factory packaging, the cost of returning the goods is at the expense of “thescents.eu”. In this case, the Customer must send the goods back to us through a courier company, indicating the recipient company “AMMG Export Import” Pltd, under the specific contract.

Upon request for return of goods (corresponding to the characteristics specified on the page of the online store), the transport is at the expense of the User. “thescents.eu” refunds fully the value paid by the Consumer of the returned goodson the credit/debit card of the Consumer with which the goods were paid, but not later than 14 days from the date on which the Consumer has used his right of withdrawal under Article 55 of the CPL.

 - In addition to the right of withdrawal, the Customer is also entitled to a legal guarantee of 2 years for compliance of the goods with the sale contract, guaranteed by CPL.




 - The Consumer has the right to claim for any discrepancy of the goods with the agreed/ordered, when after delivery, discrepancies are found with the contract of sale. “Thescents.eu” is not responsible for the difference in colors, which is due to the natural differences in the reproduction of colors from different models of monitors. All goods that are subject to warranty service are accompanied by the necessary documents with information about the warranty period (according to the Bulgarian legislation), the conditions and place of warranty service.

The Consumer may not contest the comformity of the consumer product with the contract for its sale, when at the conclusion of the contract he/she knew or could not have been unaware of the non-conformity.

 - The Consumer has the right to file a claim for the goods, regardless of whether the manufacturer or the trader has provided a guarantee for the goods. When the satisfaction of the claim is made by replacing the product with another, corresponding to the agreed, “thescents.eu” retains the Consumer’s original warranty conditions.

 - Upon filling a claim for the goods, the Consumer may claim for refund of the paid amount, for replacement of the goods with another, corresponding to the agreed or for deduction from the price.

 - The complaint shall be submitted in a written form by the indicated e-mail or by mail, submitted to the address of the Company. “Thescents.eu” presents on its website access to a complaint form. Complaint fors can also be filled at the merchant’s address. The right to choose the place for filling the complaint belongs entirely to the Consumer.

Download from here: Complaint Form

The Customer should provide clear, complete and unambigious information about the case in a written form and within the legally established period for filling a complaint to the e-mail address: info@thescents.eu

When filing a complaint, the User indicates the subject of the complaint, his preferred way to satisfy the complaint, respectively the amount of the claimed amount, and address, telephone number and e-mail for contact. In order for the case to be resolved as soon as possible, it is desirable to enclose photographic material (only if the case concerns a specific product(s) After the case is reviewed and processed, the Customer will receive a written response to the e-mail address from which the complaint was filed (“thescents.eu”is not responsible for any problems beyond our control of receiving the message within the statutory period.

When filing a complaint, the consumer must also attach the documents on which the claim is based, namely:

 - Receipt or invoice for the purchase; as well as protocols, acts or other documents establishing the non-conformity of the goods with the agreed; other documents establishing the claim on the grounds and amount.

The complaint of consumer goods may be filed up to two years from the delivery of the goods, but not later than two months from the establishment of the non-conformity with the agreed. The period ceases to run during the time necessary for the repair of the consumer goods or for reaching an agreement between the seller and the consumer for resolving the dispute

If “thescents.eu” has provided a commercial guarantee for the goods and the term of the guarantee is longer than the terms for filing the claim under paragraph 5, the claim may be filed until the expiration of the commercial guarantee.

Filing a complaint is not an obstacle to filing a claim.

"thescents.eu" maintains a register of complaints. A document is sent to the User to the e-mail specified by him, in which the number of the claim from the register and the type of the goods are indicated. When "thescents.eu" satisfies the claim, it issues an act to that effect, which is drawn up in two copies and must provide one copy to the User.

"thescents.eu" in case of a valid complaint brings the goods in accordance with the sales contract within one month from the filing of the complaint by the User.

If the goods are not repaired after the expiration of the term under the previous paragraph, the Consumer has the right to cancel the contract and be reimbursed the amount paid or to request a reduction in the price of consumer goods under Article. 114 of the CPL.

Bringing the consumer goods in accordance with the sales contract is free of charge for the User. It does not owe costs for the shipment of consumer goods or for materials and labor related to its repair and does not suffer significant inconveniences.

In case of non-compliance of the consumer goods with the contract of sale and when the Consumer is not satisfied with the resolution of the complaint, he/she has the right to choose between one of the following options:

 -Cancellation of the contract and refund of the amount paid by him/her; Price Reduction.

The consumer may not claim a refund or a reduction in the price of the goods when the trader agrees to replace the consumer goods with a new one or to repair the goods within one month of the consumer's complaint.


The trader is obliged to satisfy a request for cancellation of the contract and to refund the amount paid by the Consumer, when after satisfying three complaints of the Consumer by repairing the same product, within the warranty period, there is a subsequent occurrence of non-conformity of the goods with the contract of sale.

The Consumer cannot claim for cancellation of the contract if the non-compliance of the consumer goods with the contract is insignificant.



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