GUERLAIN ROUGE G lipstick #23 3,5 gr

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ROUGE G lipstick #23 3,5 gr

Lipstick by GUERLAIN

A lipstick that combines comfort and pleasure, aesthetics and quality, elegance and glamour.

An exquisite creamy texture keeps lips smooth and hydrated with defined contours, for total optimal colour fixation, leaving lips intense, alive and unalterable throughout the day.

Available in a wide variety of colours and different finishes, for an infinity of looks adaptable to any style, from the most elegant and sober to bolder and more rebellious tones, always with femininity uppermost.

The ROUGE G formula has been scented with an exquisite floral vanilla scent, with notes of rose, lily, bergamot and tonka beans.

This lipstick can be customized to suit each user, thanks to its wide variety of protective cases, ROUGE G Le Capot Double Miroir, all made with the best materials and exclusive designs, with a double-sided mirror for touch-ups throughout the day.

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EAN: 3346470426696
Gender: Women, Unisex
Makeup product type: Lipstick
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GUERLAIN ROUGE G lipstick #23 3,5 gr